The different OBSALIM® tools
allow you to discover a unique and original method:
Diagnoses and dietary adjustments
based on the observation of cattle, sheep or goats.


Presentation OBSALIM 2.0

Following the release of the book and set of cards, the complete and most powerful tool yet: OBSALIM 2.0 software to diagnose the nutritional status of each herd and conduct effective monitoring.


Whether you are a farmer, vet or consultant, this software will provide you with an essential tool for managing the feed intake of your herds in real-time. You may save money on feeding cattle!

Three versions of the software are available.

This will allow you to establish a new way of working, ensuring better efficiency, well-being and performance from your cattle, managing cattle feeding on the best way.


  • Conduct your diagnosis in a few clicks through consultation of the symptom sheets
  • Prioritise by discovering limiting factors or non-beneficial surpluses
  • Record your technical results before introducing any corrections.


Minimum configuration required

Win 98, Pentium processor, 200Mhz, 16Mb memory, hard disk space required 100Mb.


Ideal configuration

A laptop to round up your herd... or the set of cards in your hands and the computer in your office to record the results.



Obsalim diagnosis

Following observation of the herd and recording of nutritional symptoms, the software assesses surpluses or deficiencies for the seven parameters related to energy, protein, fibres and rumen stability. You build your interpretation about the feeding based on this OBSALIM diagnosis and production measured, fodder used and the feeding distribution practised.  The results and your comments can then be printed out


Software features

  • Refinement by period or time limit: retrospective examination of the herd's nutritional condition to facilitate analysis and links with any dietary changes.
  • Refinement by groups of animals in the herd.
  • Refinement by representation rate of the symptoms observed.


Feed intake enhancement

You can conduct an energy assessment of the herd's feed intake through the permissible theoretical milk yield. This assessment is linked with the 7 parameters of the Obsalim diagnosis and the difference with actual production to determine technical or economic changes in margins.


Understanding nutritional observations

Each nutritional observation is presented and analysed using standard data sheets. Numerous photos are used to illustrate them. You can edit customised observation tables to facilitate observation recording or your understanding of how the system works.


Support - training courses

OBSALIM offers various levels of support for the Obsalim method and software in terms of nutritional advice, diagnosis or feed intake adjustment. Specific training courses are conducted by the EIG Zone Verte.


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