De verschillende OBSALIM hulpmiddelen
stellen u in staat een unieke en originele methode te ontdekken
ten behoeve van de diagnose en bijstelling van voeding,
gebaseerd op de observatie van runderen, schapen of geiten.




artikel gepubliceerd naar aanleiding van een training met het Louis Bolk Instituut 





Technique of feeding is only part of the story. Using OBSALIM®, farmers, vets and technicians will learn through careful observation to ‘listen’ to what ruminants have to ‘say’ about their nutrition. This will lead to optimum feeding results and hence, to optimum health, production and product quality. 


• Direct observation of animals

• An observational and nutritional adjustment method

• Expert "Obsalim 2.0" software in use since 2005

• A reference book entitled "Cows tell us about their nutrition", with more than 8,000 readers since 2002

• A network
Surprising results thanks to the speed and accuracy of the analysis process, and through the technical and economic response of herds.

For cattle, sheep and goats, manage your feed rations on a daily basis or through regular monitoring, and rediscover the pleasure of herd management.

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