The different OBSALIM® tools
allow you to discover a unique and original method:
Diagnoses and dietary adjustments
based on the observation of cattle, sheep or goats.


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Set of cards for Cattle

Practical, fast and easy to use.

 61 symptom cards in your pocket to recognise feed-related symptoms and make your primary diagnosis in the field, cowshed or stable.

    A selection of the most frequently appearing symptoms in the différent anatomical areas : HAIR - SKIN - COWPATS - URINE - EYE- NOSE- FOOT- FOOD INTAKE- RUMINATION - MILK- REPRODUCTION - GENERAL - BEHAVOIR and the CROSS OF THE HOCK.


   With a notice included to achieve a safe and successful diagnosis.


The OBSALIM® "pocket-sized" method

See the notice included in the set of cards: click here




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