The different OBSALIM® tools
allow you to discover a unique and original method:
Diagnoses and dietary adjustments
based on the observation of cattle, sheep or goats.


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Practical guide

This guide offers practical illustrations for the user of the Obsalim® method.

After making an Obsalim® diagnosis with the help of the cards or software, you can refer to this guide for suggestions on how to correct the imbalance in the ration.

Compare your result to one of the 17 typical possible outcomes of an Obsalim® observation. Then decide what type of ration you use (grazing, hay or complete ration) to find out about a number of possible correction scenarios.

This guide will help you in grasping the dynamic of the Obsalim® method so that it becomes a convenient tool to keep making sure your animals’ ration is balanced at all times.

The ongoing management of the feeding based on the Obsalim® method will result in increased resistance to disease and a more economical conversion of the foodstuff you provide. Your animals and your farm will benefit.

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